So sweet So Love for Valentine's day...

                                    New photography February 2016

In Collaboration with my Friends :

-Kajko Von Enstein Photography 

_Lady Momochi for the beautiful creation Lingerie " Dressing Gown" 

-Glitter Paradise for my Jewelry : " Earring Red Starlite " 

-Kajko Von Enstein Creation for my Fascinator


My Makeup, hair and nails made by me 

More Photography Here 

Dressing Gown

It will please you to have a beautiful Dressing Gown than mine ?

No problem, I invite you to discover the work of Lady Momochi, fashion designer and seamstress, she achieve your custom projects and cosplay.

Do not hesitate to contact her.


Dressing Gown Details :

Made with silk muslin color ecru and false feathers. Lady Momochi's creation

My Glitter Paradise Jewelry

Glitter Paradise Jewelry

Earrings Clips: " White Christmas Starlites" Shop HERE 

Beautiful Jewelry Handmade, Style Retro, Rockabilly and dark.

Thanks to Kajko, Lady Momochi and Glitter Paradise for this collaboration

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